In-house competition awaits the Panamera

It is not often that we see a vehicle in competition against its siblings. You might not have thought that you would hear this, but it’s true, the Porsche Panamera is facing strong in-house competition. The vehicle was a go-to luxury sports saloon and has had a good time, but now its EV sibling Taycan has taken the Limelight from it.

The vehicle is targeting almost the same section of the market and on-road it offers the same features. The all-electric Taycan has stolen the vehicle’s thunder, which is not good for it at all. But the company has faith in the vehicle and it believes it can do well in the market despite some strong in-house competition. It believes both vehicles can survive together for the next few years and the company has even refused to offer some new changes to the other versions of the vehicle. This is a bold claim and you might see it as a risk, but the company is confident that both vehicles can do well in the market together.

But there are some changes to the Panamera and we wonder whether these changes can help it remain in the spotlight.

If we talk about the statistics, they are certainly in the favor of the vehicles. The reasons are simple. First, it’s the most powerful traditional vehicle from the company. It has a twin-turbocharged petrol V8 engine and an electric motor, which generates good power and torque output. It has a good top speed and it can reach 61mph in a very short time.

The vehicle now offers more range than before. The company has optimized the cells of the lithium-ion battery pack which has resulted in an increase in available energy. Even though you might not be satisfied with this range, it’s more than what it was offering before, so if you liked it then you should like it now as well.

Customers will definitely be attracted by the electric range and the power of the vehicle, but you can’t ignore the fact that the Turbo S will have an impact on its sales. This is a worrying fact for this vehicle. If you want a vehicle that can offer cost-saving benefits, you can look for the E-hybrid models, and if you want an all-electric model with good performance, you can look for the Taycan.